Wednesday, 18 September 2013

This week started with us putting on our corporate suits for an advertising shoot. The corporate wing of OneShot is our growing child, that’s why most of you may not know it. 

The most engaging thing about adverts in my opinion is the pre-production time where the creative team sits down to come up with a concept that will get the message across in a matter of seconds. To me the most important and expensive thing in any means of communication is the idea. There's nothing more important than that so the brainstorming sessions are totally amazing. Some of the ideas are the craziest things you've ever heard, but somehow, some way those work, with the input of everyone of course. 

For this advert we had the pleasure of working with who we all used to know back in the day as “Pusha!!!” and that name came with the walk and the handkerchief in the back pocket and it was so much fun working with him. Putting the fun aside, he knows his stuff, so shooting with him is like ironing linens when they're damp - easy.

This advert is a motion design piece so it meant green screen. The key story here is we lost our first studio booking. Just like that! A day before the shoot! We were out-booked (I know that's not a word but look at it as though we were outbid)  So 24 hours to the shoot we are almost panicking because we didn't have the luxury of postponing the shoot. We made calls left, right, centre and  were running around looking for a  studio that was free and willing to book us that late, that had equipment and that had most importantly a green screen, oh, and that was within the budget we were working with. Around 21:00 hours we found a really cool set up by STUDIO 13. Big ups to you guys and thank you. So yes, at 10:00 hours the next day we were in labor and ready to give birth to this advert.