Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ghana my motherland

Ive always wondered why it is that when foreigners come to Ghana one point of call is Jamestown. I mean, lets face it, with slummed areas and funny scents, it isnt a place that is exactly a tourist attraction.

Since my recent dabbling in photography however, ive come to understand why photographers love it and foreigners too. Its the little child playing football on the street who seems to not have a care in the world, its the haggling over fresh fish down by the shore, its the sea, and the old buildings. The place really is picturesque despite everything else.

Part of why it looks this way, i think, is thanks to the efforts of Manste and his crew. Their effort with the Chalewote festival is evident especially on the John Evans Atta Mills High Street. The other part of it is thanks to our predecessors and the government of Ghana for not yet destroying relics.

No, we didnt go on an excursion there, rather, on our way to a reception to shoot we passed through the area and in traffic i couldnt help but ask for my camera to take a few shots. within the mess of the area, there is an endearing quality apparent, especially to those of us who dont always use that route.

Not to sound like a preacher, but our country really is beautiful, lets try to keep it clean so we enjoy it.