Tuesday, 10 September 2013

When I asked the associate creative director why he chose to do weddings he laughed and he said, you know whenever people ask me that question it’s almost as though they want me to start by saying something like; “you see Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding …” 

He had no idea I was interviewing him to be part of the maiden edition of this blog. But I feel that it’s apt to explain to you why we do it before I get into any philosophical ranting I may write in this blog.
I've always teased him that he was a helpless romantic and today was my chance to confirm it. After laughing heartily, he continued and said, “you see, weddings ein, hmmm…. They are like the singular most important event in a couples lives and being with them on that day is magical.”

He talked about how he enjoyed filming a love story; a true love story every week. He didn't have to write them himself (even though he could), but he enjoys being able to film it. "I don't think about the event, I think about the couple and try and brand their love. There is no way I can look at a wedding through the guise of a contract. Its so much more. I cant make it about the wedding or the big dress or the big reception I care about the love. Filming a couple's weddings make me feel like I've been part of such an important event that at the end of the day I feel like a part of their family. It becomes personal."

That spirit runs through all of us in the Oneshot team, though we may not all be helpless romantics like Kwesi, we enjoy meeting new people, sharing in their special day, making new friends and making a bit of that magic last through motion picture.And its always a joy to meet couples like we did this week: Kuu and Mirabel and Phoebe and Kojo. They're great. Real. Down to earth. Couples that know each other well. Couples that know each others weaknesses but love each other nonetheless.

 So yes, at Oneshot we believe a wedding is not necessarily about the clothes, jewels, decor, and, even though it hurts me to say this, its not even about the food; its all a part of it but to us its more about people, family, friends. Starting a new family, a new tradition; its about new traditions with that one person that makes things bearable and getting the whole world to know that "yes i do love this person."